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My name is Lincoln and I wish to share my experience with ASK Property Services.

Some time ago, I had a three bedroom house for sale. I thought that selling a house needed no special skill, so I tried to sell the property myself. However, after placing several advertisements in the daily papers for months and showing several persons, most of whom claimed they liked it, but… no sale was made.

During that time I was bombarded with calls from many agents wanting to find a buyer for me, but I refused believing that I needed no help from any sales agent to sell my property. Then I met Mrs Wilson-Walker of ASK Property Services, who persuaded me to have her company assist me in finding a buyer. Of course, I was reluctant at first, however, after Mrs Walker explained all the things they were willing to do to get the property sold, I finally consented to give her the listing. Today I am very happy to say that ASK Property Services found a buyer for me, who was already pre-qualified, so I had no challenges with delays etc. Thanks ASK Property Services and Mrs Walker for a job well done!

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